Off-road cars for Defenders

Активний збір
pickup trucks for the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Cars are one of the biggest needs of the army right now.

The speed and agility of destroying the enemy, delivering the necessary things and ammunition, mobility of movement, as well as saving one’s own life and evacuating wounded comrades depend on the availability of good-quality vehicles.

The governments of dozens of countries help us, but unfortunately, cars are destroyed every day and it is not something that high-rank politicians discuss. Therefore, it falls on shoulders of volunteers like us. 

We are opening a new fundraising for the purchase of crossovers and pickups for defenders from the Azov Regiment, the Presidential Regiment, БУАР, ЗРК, 108 ТРО, 3 ОШБ, 5 ОШБ, 4 БШР, 23 ОМБР, 25 ДШВ,82 ДШВ, 65 ОМБР, 53 ОМБР, the 3rd separate tank brigade, the 4th separate tank brigade, 59th, 14th, 110th, 72th, 45th, 241st, 116th, 118th, 148th, 112th, 115th brigades.

The team of the “Protection of the Future” charity foundation handed over 302 cars to defenders since the start of the war. 

Currently, we plan to purchase 40 cars.
Required amount: $280,000

Protect yourself from Russia by donating to Ukraine.

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