Off-road cars for Defenders

Терміновий збір
Авто для ЗСУ

The “Protection of the Future” Charitable Foundation announces an urgent collection for off-road cars for the Armed Forces of Ukraine!

The speed and efficiency of performing tasks to destroy the enemy, delivering necessary supplies and ammunition, mobility, as well as saving lives and evacuating wounded comrades depends on the availability of quality vehicles.

Currently, we are collecting money for vehicles for the 110th Brigade, 67th Brigade and 37th Brigade.
Required amount: $14 000

Over two years, the team of the “Protection of the Future” charitable foundation has delivered or repaired more than 450 vehicles to the defenders of Ukraine.

Join the collection! Your donation will help to purchase vehicles for Ukraine’s defenders and bring our common victory closer!

You can donate directly through the payment system on this page or follow the link to the Monobank!

Protect yourself from Russian army by donating to Armed Forces of Ukraine!

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