Drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine: fundrasing for five Mavic 3T and five Mavic 3Pro

Терміновий збір
Дрони Mavic ЗСУ

Drones are indispensable for the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the battlefield. Our servicemen use quadcopters for reconnaissance, during assaults on enemy positions and even during evacuation of soldiers. Everyone remembers the unique footage of the successful rescue of a wounded Hero who was too close to the positions of the Russian occupiers. His comrades dropped a bottle of water and a piece of paper with further instructions.

DJI UAVs have proven to be reliable “eyes” that help soldiers keep control of the situation in their area of responsibility.

Charitable foundation”Protection of the Future” is launching a fundraising drive to buy Mavic 3T quadcopters with thermal imaging cameras and Mavic 3 Pro.

Why are drones so important for the army?
UAVs are:

  • speed and agility
  • high-resolution camera
  • powerful rechargeable battery for long flight (battery replacement is carried out in a short time)
  • accuracy
  • the possibility of installing a discharge system
  • versatility (situational awareness, reconnaissance, evacuation)
  • Possibility to use at night (in case of an existing thermal imaging camera)
  • use on the battlefield.

Why do we choose DJI?
The Mavic 3 Pro drone is perhaps the best option with optimal performance at a moderately low price (compared to similar models). The Mavic 3T is equipped with a thermal imaging camera that helps to see the enemy at night. After all, most assaults are carried out at night.

We personally deliver the quadcopters we have purchased to the hottest spots in the eastern part of Ukraine.

The sooner we close the collection, the sooner the fighters will get additional “eyes” and be able to do their job more effectively.

For the purchased and delivered “birds”, as well as for everything else, we report here.

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