Report on aid to defenders of Ukraine (04/16/2023)

We thanked our defenders from 57th Brigade, 72nd Brigade, 48th Battalion, 21st Battalion, 4th Patrol, 58th Brigade, UDA, 11th MR, 21st OBSP, 23rd Rifle Battalion, 5th OSHPB, Anti-tank company for the opportunity to celebrate Easter.

What was delivered to the soldiers?

  • Mavic 3 FMC Drone
  • 3 Thermal imager
  • Plate carrier
  • 2 Ceramic plates
  • Нeadlamp
  • 6 Motorola radios
  • PNB
  • 22 “Fast” Helmets
  • Covers
  • Active headphones

In addition, food, medicine, goodies, and energy supplements were given to all of the teams.

We thank to Armed Forces of Ukraine and to all of you who are helping to bring our victory closer!


Support Ukraine 🇺🇦