Report on aid to defenders of Ukraine (11/23/2023)

Winter is coming, which means that even more help is needed for our defenders. The situation at the front and weather conditions force us to mobilize as much as possible. Thanks to your donations and our work, everything necessary was delivered to: 3rd Separate Assault Brigade, 115th Brigade, 11th Border Guard Detachment, 67th Separate Mechanized Brigade, 45th Rifle Division, “Safari” Assault Regiment, 56th Brigade of the 21st Separate Mechanized Brigade, 1st Self-Propelled Artillery Battalion, 21st Motorized Infantry Brigade, 40th Separate Mechanized Brigade, 95th Brigade, 57th Brigade, 5th Separate Assault Brigade, 401st Separate Reconnaissance Brigade, 101st Brigade, 31st Brigade, 59th Brigade, 92nd Separate Assault Brigade, 1st Separate Mechanized Brigade.

What was delivered to the fighters?

  • 7 tablets
  • 6 M32H Active Earbuds
  • 3 “Fast” Helmets
  • Invector Generator
  • Generator
  • Diesel Generator
  • Pentax Binoculars
  • 6 Mavic 3 Pro drones
  • 2 Mavic 3T drones
  • 3 Bluetti charging stations
  • 2 thermal imagers
  • Night vision device on a car
  • 10 MOLNLYCKE thermal blankets
  • 2 chemical masks
  • 40 CAT turnstiles
  • Balaklava
  • Boots
  • 1000 chemical heating pads
  • Medicine
  • Tactic Stretcher
  • Tactical Medicine
  • Tactical Gloves
  • Thermos flask

We thank all the patriots of Ukraine who do not stop fighting our enemy!

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